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Portions of this site were updated on 07 October 2015.

Anyone who likes to cook will tell you that part of the fun of cooking is sharing good recipes. At Teri's Kitchen, you will find hundreds of tried-and-true recipes from my family and personal collections, plus several hundred shared recipes from contributors. In addition, there are menus for every day and special occasions, cooking tips, links and much more. I will post additions and revisions to the site on this page as they occur throughout the month. To browse the kitchen, visit the Site Index or, for specific recipes or information, use the search boxes throughout the site. I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer.

Featured in October

German Recipes and Menus for Oktoberfest
Italian Recipes and Menus for Columbus Day
Halloween Recipes, Menu and Treats
Monthly Features

German Oktoberfest Recipes and Menus

Oktoberfest, sometimes spelled 'Octoberfest' in English-speaking countries, originated in 1810 in Munich, Germany, as part of a royal wedding celebration. It became so popular that it is now celebrated in many areas throughout the world, especially those with a substantial population of German decent. In this country, it is celebrated any time from late September through the end of October. I posted two of my favorite German menus, one a traditional dinner featuring Sauerbraten, the other a more casual menu with an easy Cabbage with Sausage, Bacon and Potatoes, called Jager Kohl (Hunter's Cabbage). In addition to the menus, I posted numerous main dishes, side dishes and desserts, most of which are of German or Pennsylvania Dutch origin, so that you can mix and match recipes for your own Oktoberfest events.

Columbus Day Recipes and Menus

Columbus Day is the perfect opportunity for an Italian feast. I posted two of my favorite Italian-inspired menus for the occasion. The first is a buffet featuring my mother's delicious Lasagna with Meatballs and Sausage served with Antipasti Salad, sore-bought or homemade Italian bread or breadsticks and an assortment of Italian pastries and frozen desserts, which can be purchased from your favorite store or bakery. The second menu is a 'Build-Your-Own' Sandwich Party featuring Italian Sausage Sandwiches with Peppers and Onions. As the title suggests, everyone makes their own sandwich, so vegetarian guests can create equally delicious sandwiches using just the vegetables topped with a slice of good Italian cheese. The complementary side dishes of potato and pasta salads, as well as the dessert, my version of Tiramisu, can be prepared a day ahead, so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Halloween Recipes, Menus and Treats

Halloween is a time for children and a day when adults can feel and act like children again. I have chosen an easy menu that everyone, children and adults alike, will enjoy and most of the recipes can be prepared at least one day in advance. It features Chili Soup, a lighter but equally delicious take on regular chili, served with Tortilla Sandwiches. The starter is an amazing Jalapeno Cheese Dip served with baked or fried, store-bought or homemade Tortilla Chips. Dessert is Apple and Pecan Turnovers, the perfect conclusion for a fall menu. I included preparation notes and each recipe has links to alternate choices. To add to the holiday fun, I posted recipes for special Halloween treats, as well as a 'Spooky Halloween Menu' shared by Sue that features 'Mummy Meatloaf', 'Witches Fingers with Fleas' and 'Swampy Smashed Potatoes'. The kids will love it. I hope you enjoy and.......stay safe!

Monthly Features

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Chili Soup

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Vanessa's Rocky Road Fudge Bars

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New recipes are always welcomed. For information and to browse all the shared recipes, visit the Shared Family Recipes page.

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Recipes for Oktoberfest

Cabbage with Sausage, Bacon and Potatoes (Jager Kohl)

Jager Kohl Recipe Photo

Nana Ranck's
Molasses Cake

Molasses Cake Recipe Photo

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