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Oven Fry Coating Mix

Makes about 4 cups

This recipe, which came from my mother, is similar to store-bought oven-fried coatings mixes, but you control the flavors and other ingredients. It is a basic recipe that works well with chicken, fish and pork, adding herbs or spices to taste, and is especially convenient when you need to make large batches for a crowd. For a recipe using this mix with chicken, see the similar and related recipes.


Place breadcrumbs in large bowl. Add oil and combine well with a fork. The oil must be evenly distributed throughout the crumbs. Add salt, pepper and other seasonings as desired.

Moisten chicken, fish fillets or pork chops with a little water. Place coating mixture in a large plastic bag. Add meat and shake to coat. Shake off excess coating and place in baking dish or sheet pan in one layer. Bake in a preheated oven until done; 375°, about 50 minutes for chicken and 40 minutes for pork, or 400°, about 20 minutes for fish, all depending on size.

Notes: This makes enough coating mix for about 20 pieces of chicken, 15 pork chops or 30 fish fillets, depending on size. The recipe can be halved. Alternately, you can make the full amount, divide as needed and freeze some before contaminating with the meat. For chicken and pork, I usually add garlic powder, sage, thyme and rosemary. With fish, I prefer garlic powder, parsley, dill and a little sweet paprika.