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Labor Day Recipes and Menu

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, so why not bid the season farewell with an outdoor celebration. This menu includes delicious foods that are perfect for outdoor entertaining, but can be prepared inside if the weather does not cooperate. For the main dish, I chose one of my favorites, roasted or grilled pulled pork butt roast, served as is or in sandwiches. After cooking, the meat is bathed in a vinegar-based barbecue sauce, a popular Eastern Carolina staple. The simple and delicious sides include my favorite potato salad, four-bean salad, coleslaw, a must with pulled pork, and deviled eggs. Dessert is peach crisp, a perfect way to use sweet and juicy local peaches, and is served with butter pecan ice cream. Buy your favorite ice cream or have some fun and make it yourself.

Any of the dishes can be prepared at least one day in advance and refrigerated or stored in the freezer. See the recipes and preparation notes below for details. If you do not find what you are looking for, all of the recipes include links to alternate choices and more can be found by using the search box above or browsing the main Recipe Files. Enjoy!

Labor Day Menu

Slow-Roasted or Grilled Pork Butt
(for roast or pulled pork sandwiches)

Eastern North Carolina
Barbecue Sauce

Creamy Dilled Potato Salad

Four-Bean Salad


Deviled Eggs with
Pimentos and Parsley

Assorted Chips

Peach Crisp
Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Preparation Notes: The barbecue sauce can be prepared months ahead and frozen, or several days ahead and refrigerated, as noted in the recipe. Make the ice cream at least several days ahead and freeze in an airtight container. The pork can be roasted or grilled up to three days in advance and refrigerated, allowing at least four hours extra time for the initial rub. Alternately, it can be rubbed the night before, refrigerated and cooked the day of the event. The four-bean salad is best if prepared at least one day ahead and refrigerated. Make the potato salad and coleslaw one day ahead and refrigerate.

In the morning, make the peach crisp and keep at room temperature. If roasting or grilling the pork from scratch, check the recipe for the time needed. If previously cooked, allow time to reheat in the barbecue sauce. About thirty minutes before guests arrive, remove the bean salad, potato salad, coleslaw and deviled eggs from the refrigerator and let come to room temperature. Place buns for the sandwiches in a basket lined with a napkin alongside of any desired sandwich condiments.

About twenty minutes before dessert, place the ice cream in the refrigerator to soften slightly before serving with the peach crisp. If most of the menu is prepared in advance as suggested, you can relax and enjoy the day.


Slow-Roasted or Grilled Pork Butt (for roast or pulled pork sandwiches)

Pork Butt Roast or Sandwich Recipe Photo