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Favorite Christmas Cookies Recipes
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Ever since I can remember, my mother made a variety of cookies for the Christmas season. She started in November, baking at least nine different types, and froze the cookies until needed. Then, for a family meal or when visitors arrived, she made a beautiful arrangement on her red depression glass platter. Through the years, Mom added a few new cookies and replaced some of the original favorites. I took over the tradition years ago and, although I do not always make as many different cookies and have added a few more varieties, there are some that must be included. Mom's cookies are still famous and appreciated by family and friends as special holiday treats. As a matter of fact, I would not dare show up at some events without that platter. Whichever of the many cookies listed below you choose to make, I hope you will enjoy these delicious morsels as much as I.


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Spritz Cookies

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Miniature Cheesecake Cookies

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